Grandpa amazed everyone together with his dancing little granddaughters

This trio had surprised each and everyone in the park by their amazing performance. Grandparents were blessings from God as the granddaughters and grandsons were their bundles of joy.

Filipinos were known for its closed family ties values more than anything else. We are one of the few countries in the world that really appreciates our extended family and have so much respect to our elderly. Even though some of us already have their own family, we still believe that the most convenient and the most perfect way of having a family is living with our grand fathers and grand mothers.

In our society, they are loved and taken care of. They are given importance and privileges. On this recent viral video in social media platforms, this energetic grandpa seems to be so young on the way he moves and the way he grooves on the harmony. Together with his little grand daughters it really seems that they are sharing one interest and one passion in dancing.

Some elderly might have been feeling some **** and irregularities in their bodies but this amazing, energetic, old man seems to be very different from the other people of his age. It was clearly seen on the said viral video how the trio enjoyed their performance, as well as the crowd that have witnessed a concert-like performance free of charge. It was very amazing that we saw children dancing so lively and gracefully together with their grand parent because some children just seem to be hook with gadgets, technologies and other staffs.

This was a great example and an eye opener to each and everyone of us to still have time to enjoy the company of our elderly, not just look at them as our grandparents but our cool and experienced best friends above all. Children were not be young for too long, they should enjoy every moment of their childhood and together with that stage in life was their unforgettable moments with their grand parents.

And as long as we have our grand parents dont forget to tell them how much you respect and love them as much as you respect and love your parents. That might sound cheesy but will really mean a lot to them.