Grandma’s Lamborghini and Ferrari underneath our house for 20 years!

Have you ever dreamed riding a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and be in a road trip yourself, with your family, or with someone special to you? Well, for me it was indeed a dream!

Luxurious cars like those are on top of the bucket list of any individual, a wish you could hope for. But not on my Grandmother’s house. We we’re shocked having a 1981 Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari 308 right in front of our eyes in our garage!

Those expensive cars are owned by my grandparents when they started their exotic car rental business back in 1989 unfortunately insurance costs became high and my grandfather can barely operate the company, he chose to keep those cars for more than 20 years instead of selling them!

I guess they had so many memories on those cars and he would not trade it for money.

How about you? Would you rather sell an expensive thing from your past? or keep it, and savor those nostalgic memories?

Source: Manilarush