Gawin mo ang sa tingin mo’y nararapat! Hindi na dapat mag-alinlangan pa.

Have you ever heard about the golden rule: “Do unto others what you would want others do unto you”. Often times many would have no care with the meaning of this saying.

People are people, as always. But we always had our soft spots and our loving heart. On this viral photo posted on social media, the post already had more than 661 thousand reactions. The viral photo was about a man who had been a good samaritan in helping a person in need. Jaive Joseph Roble posted the said photos online with a story in it.

He was on his way home and this man suddenly ask him if he had coins and humbly asked him if he could ask some coins from him jusy for the milk of his little child. He wondered if the man was saying the truth but as the man talks to him sincerely he saw in his eyes nothing but a parent who just wanted to give milk and food to his child.

The stranger also added that he had been looking for a job on construction sites for days but there was no available job for him. The good samaritan had helped the man in buying milk for his child adding some food like giniling and another milk for his 3 years old child. Many social media users had commended and praised how good the man was.

Some may be disappointed to the fact he even posted his good deed in social media as to one of the oldest sayings was all about the doings of the right hand should not be known by the left hand. But still the heart and the intentions count a lot in this situation.