Farmers have found a 10,000 year old artifact right under their field

What they have found in their field was an amazing discovery of a lifetime. Mammoth which literally means “huge” was an specie of the elephant family that has longer tusks about 5 feet and has two kinds in nature.

One was the pygmy mammoth that was a dwarf elephant descendant and can only be found in California Channel Island. The other kind of mammoth was the woolly mammoth that has smaller ears to keep their body warm because they can only live in colder climates.

They are also hairy and full of wool because of their natural habitat. These huge creatures were herbivores and eat only plants and flowers. They also use their long tusks for digging snows and for fighting. But would you ever imagine that there are still remains of this mammoth up until today?

Michigans farmers, James Bristle and Satterthwaite had discovered 20% of the mammoth artifacts right under their field! They are digging for their field’s irrigation and after digging up for 8 feet they had noticed a bend post and had been curious what was actually the thing underneath their field. They were surprised knowing that it was actually a woolly mammoth that was about 40-50 years of age when it **** and they had recovered some of its vertebrae, skeletons and its huge tusks.

It was very amazing knowing that those creatures that we only read and knew inside the books which we believe that were just history itself actually exists in real life and the remains was found on their field! The extinction of these mammoths was because of climatic reasons and hunting. What could probably happen if they still roam in our towns until today? Have you ever imagine how could it possible be living with huge woolly mammoth outside our houses?