Family Ipon Goals: Three Kids Save 100k For Boracay Trip

Summer is waiting and so as the beautiful beaches. Boracay is one of the most prestigious beaches located in the Philippines. A family in the said country save money for their awaited Boracay grand vacation for 1 ½ year.


The savings consists of different bills and coins amounting to 100,150 pesos. Peso sense shared a post of a family who saved this money; the kids are the main savers. The parents of the kids teach them to save in a huge water container covered with duct tape.

Once the kids got money from their relatives or as rewards, they put it in the container. Instead of buying toys, they save the money. This teaches the child discipline, and they’ve become goal-oriented. Salute to the parents by teaching them early, because of this; they will go to Boracay from their kids’ savings. How about you, did you teach your kids at a young age about saving money?