This man pays his jeepney fare with chili

Some of our basic necessities had tremendously increased in price. As many of our countrymen angrily say that it was not fair anymore, some just made fun out of it.

We are all shocked to know about the news about a 1,000 peso per kilogram of chili, as Filipinos are known to have “sawsawan” in their daily breakfast, daily lunch, and daily dinner with our all time favorite chili, no wonder that most of us will be affected by the inflation.

On the happier note, this viral video on social media where a man pays his fare with chili went viral, also because his co-passengers were clueless why would he had been paying red chilis if our mode of payment were typically bills or coins.

This video also implies not just the things that are happening in our society but the possible effects of this inflation to each and everyone of us. As of this writing the video already had 1.9 million views, 51 thousand shares, 5.4 thousand comments, and 28 thousand reactions.