Dog was really happy with his simple toy

This dog seems very contented on his balloon toy. How can I be happy? How can I be contented? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself even once? People nowadays seem to be very hard to satisfy, it seems that satisfaction and contentment was very hard to have especially on our society today.

On this viral video posted on social media, garnering a total of 5, 940 shares, 358 thousand views, and 11 thousand reactions had really been a breath of fresh air to many of the social media users. On the said viral video, a dog was really happy and contented on the balloon he was literally playing with. If he can be contented on simple things, why can’t we be? When we actually are more rational that him.

Why can we satisfy ourselves? Is is because of the word jealousy and insecurity? We are being jealous and insecure to the things other people have, other people can afford, other people receives and other people are experiencing.

This video had done so much impact to many of us, that whatever we have, we should be thankful of it. If we wanted to achieve something we should also be willing to sacrifice, we should be able to persevere. For us to acquire something and to be blessed and entrusted with something, might as well we should also know how to value things, how to value people and how to value relationships.

But most of all, the greatest thing that most of us had merely forgotten was to be grateful, to be thankful to our God who had blessed us with everything we have now. Whatever we have and whatever we are experiencing it was all the blessing and the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Be contented. Be happy. Be thankful and pray. That is what our life should be.