Di inaasahan ng mga anak na mas pipiliin ng Ina nila ang partner nitong tomboy kaysa sa kanilang pamilya!

Family was one of most important possession any individual could ever have. Other families also experienced their mother or father working abroad just to provide for their respective families.

It may be difficult because they are away from their loved ones but even though they are working on other countries they still have the courage and strength to continue and strive harder for their families future.

Unfortunately, there has been a viral video about an OFW woman who chose to be with her lesbian partner than to be with her husband and four children. Ronelia Galzote, an OFW in Saudi Arabia arrived in the Philippines a month earlier than expected but she didn’t come home to her province Ilocos Sur rather she went to her lesbian partner and lived there. The husband, Abelardo Galzote and Ronelia’s mother even went to a television program to asked help in finding Ronelia.

Abelardo pleaded his wife to come back to them because their four children were longing and waiting for their mother to come home. On the said viral video, the wife even insisted that the issue was not true and that she was just friends with the lesbian. Even the ring that she is wearing and their social media profiles she insisted that was just out of friendship.

The eldest of the four children have a heart-breaking message for their mother because their mother actually chose her lesbian partner over them, the eldest daughter said that they don’t have a mother already and that she will be the one to take care of her younger siblings from now on.

This was a heart-breaking scenario for a family to end up that way. Maybe only time and prayers can heal all the wounds, in God’s perfect time.