Cristine Reyes at anak nitong si Amarah nag-enjoy sa kanilang bakasyon sa Boracay!

Families will always be very important to each and everyone of us. We, Filipinos are known for extended families. We are also known for being family oriented. We value family togetherness more than anything else that is why family bonding will always be a big deal.

One of the viral photos of Cristine Reyes and her daughter Amarah went viral on social media because they have an amazing bonding on the newly opened Boracay. After it’s 6 month rehabilitation period, Boracay is now open for the tourists and other people to explore and experience again the beauty and relaxation it can offer.

Boracay was closed last April because of the improper disposal of garbage that cause environmental problems and after a 6 month rehabilitation, it is now open to the public last October 26. It was also noticeable how great Cristine’s body is even though she is already a mother of a three year old beautiful little girl.

Many social media enthusiasts were really amazed on how Cristine worked out to achieve such slim body! She also posted several photos of her and her daughter Amarah while enjoying the wonderful island of Boracay. The famous actress also posted om her social media account that Boracay was actually a paradise saved.

She also reminded everyone to continue what they are doing in taking care of the beauty of Boracay Island. It should never come a time that such wonderful place be full of garbages and pile of trashes.

May this also be a great reminder to each and every Filipino to stop throwing and disposing their garbage unresponsibly. We better be more careful now than to be regretful when the beautiful island we once pursued to be saved is again experiencing tons and piles of trashes. Love our environment, love our country, because Philippines will always be worth fighting for.