Clouds literally fell down from the sky!

Many people were surprised when this clouds were seen falling at the middle of the road. Clouds were literally used by our ancestors in predicting the weather many years ago. This was still used by our elders as of today when it comes to daily dose of weather forecast.

Clouds were their way of saying if its going to rain or the sun will shine whole throughout the day. During our younger years, children were very used to imagining different things and different animals on clouds. We also believed that when we looked up the skies, the clouds literally follows us wherever we go. On a very recent viral video posted on social media, many social media enthusiasts were shocked about an incident where a cloud literally fell down from the sky.

It was in the roads of Xinjiang where a lump of clouds were seen at the middle of the road. Many were surprised and amazed by the said incident but most of the people were afraid and anxious of what could really be the reason that there was literally clouds that fell down from above.

According to some of the reports, this incident was a natural and common incident especially to Tibet and Xinjiang areas where the altitude was particularly high. It was really uncommon to some of us having heard about this incident, as some of the social media users would have commented that it was an effect of Global Warming or Climate Change or maybe some signs about their so called the “Coming of Christ” or “End of the World”. But still there are biographical reasons why this incident had happened.

Might us well, we should stay vigilant, and pray not just for our safety but for the safety of everyone when such incidents might ever happen again.