Binasag na ng Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach ang mga bulong-bulungan patungkol sa kumakalat niyang litrato sa social media.

Pia Alonzo Romero Wurtzbach, 28 years old, holding the title Ms. Universe 2015. She was the third Filipina to wear the crown after 42 years of waiting. The Ms. Universe coronation night had been a very controversial news worldwide because the host Steve Harvey had mistakenly announced Ms. Columbia as the Ms. Universe 2015.

Pia Wurtzbach was very surprised to know that she actually and literally won the Ms. Universe crown after many years of waiting. She was sp blessed to be the third Filipina to ever won auch prestigious beauty pageant. Just recently, the Filipina beauty queen had been talked of the town because of her very controversial photo in a bath room.

On the said viral photo, the beauty queen posed as if she was eating something inside the bath room and there was also a figure of a man that can be seen on the picture just on the mirror, many netizens had commented and reacted maliciously on the said viral photo. Pia Wurtzbach had already speak up regarding the incident and she said “Relax guys! Ang dami dami namin sa room.

It takes a village to do my glam and I also needed their help to take these all off. Haha!” The confidently beautiful with a heart Ms. Universe 2015 also added “Of course, hindi ako makakatulog with my wig and all this. Thanks to my photo/video and glam team for all your help. Love you all!”.

It was very awesome to know that our Ms. Universe was very understanding in this kind of situation where other celebrities may end up being mad to the one who made such malicious comments. She was indeed a beautiful person inside and out.