Babaeng kumabilang-bahay nagreklamo kay Raffy Tulfo dahil sa pagdadamot ng kanyang dating asawa sa kanilang anak.

The Parents are the stronghold and foundation of a Family. You should be proud if you have a solid family. But if the parents got separated, their child will face all the consequences. There are several numbers of single parents today, having a broken family can make your life a challenging one.

Infidelity is one of the reasons of a broken family. Lack of commitment, attention, and love may occur once they don’t value each other. Also, status in life and money are factors of a fading relationship.

On a program, “Raffy Tulfo in Action”, A girl named Gerlyn Juagpao complain about her ex-husband Jose Malvin Borja on prohibiting her on seeing their child. Gerlyn wants to get their child and to take full responsibilty. But Jose Borja still did not allow this and explained what happend to their separation.

Mr. Borja explained that his ex-wife desolates him and got pregnant with other man. This is his main reason why he prohibits her to see their child. Ms. Borja did not deny and explained, she only did it because she is not happy with their relationship. She added that she is the one who provides and have income for their family. Mr. Borja also counter-explained that it was her decision not to work out of jealousy. Raffy Tulfo was disappointed on Ms. Juagpao on her reasoning and how Mr. Borja explained how they ended up separated. Mr. Tulfo also did not like how Ms. Juagpao said that it was God’s will to escape on her ex-husband and to find someone else.

At the end of their discussion with Mr. Tulfo, they agree to take this matter on the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWD) in Antipolo. Since the child is not familiar with her mother, Ms. Juagpao was only allowed to visit once a week.

Once you decide to have your own family, you must think twice, decide hard, be 100% sure. Because a parent must be committed, responsible, faithful, selfless to the family. The child will always be the top priority. Learn to sacrifice to make your family strong.