Ang nakakaiyak na pagtatagpo ng pamilyang nawalay ng matagal sa isa’t-isa

Family will always be a part of someone’s life. Whatever or wherever you may have been, you will always have the need of being with your family.

Being with your family will always be a comfort like home, and a wish came true. On a recent viral video posted on different social media platforms shared by John Tingcang Casping there was a son that really made time and effort to finally meet his parents.

On the said viral video, the son pretended to be a service crew waiter and delivered the food to the parents and little that they knew that their son was already right in front of them. The son had been away from his parents for five years!

It was a very heart warming scenerio for the family to unite again once more. Many social media users had commented that the parents were very blessed to have such good son who still finds time to look for his old parents.

Other social media users also commented that children should always look for their parents no matter how old they are. Parents will always be a blessing from the Lord that we should always be thankfuk for. We should always be grateful for them, give them love and care, give them our time, because not many of us would still have the time and the ability to show our parents how important they are to us.

We must tell them we love them before we regret that we didn’t.