Ang all time favorite na “Let it go” binigyan ng kakaibang rendisyon ng isang sikat na komedyante.

Ruffa Mae Quinto-Magallanes, 40 years of age, married to Trevor Magallanes a financial analyst from United States of America. They tie the knot on November 25, 2016 and gave birth at a beautiful baby girl at February 18, 2017. She was a known comedienne, actress, and singer.

She was the eldest in the family with six siblings. She was also a second degree cousin of Jean Garcia. She was famous in dropping the well known lines “Go, Go, Go! Todo na’to!”. And just recently, Ruffa Mae Quinto-Magallanes had a viral video that actually reached more than 400,000 views as of this writing.

The said viral video where she sung the very famous song “Let it go” from the movie frozen was praised and commended by social media users. She was indeed an inspiration to each and every Filipino to be grateful whatever blessings they had in life. No matter what problems and struggles we arw facing, we can always be happy and have fun than just letting ourselves drift in ******* and loneliness.

True Filipinos will always be strong in whatever challenges they are facing as well as the struggles in life that they are into. More than that, we are all known to be faithful, and believe that God is control of everything. We have faith that whatever we are experiencing right now, our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to help us and guide us throughout the way. So never stop believing Him! Never stop smiling.

Never stop laughing and most of all never stop loving what you really wanted to do. You can watch the video below