Andrea Torres and Alden Richards, ano na nga ba talaga ang real score sa pagitan nila?

We often times wish our favorite couple in our favorite show would up end together for real. Their real life love story would always satisfy our Seeing them together will always made our day extra special.

The “kilig to the bones” posts of them in their social media, their sweet and rare conversations through their comments and posts, showing how expressive and in love they are to each other.

It would be any fan’s dream to witness his or her favorite couple walking at the middle of the aisle someday, building their very own family, and raising their cute little ones in the future.

One of the most controversial shows in GMA network was entitled Victor Magtanggol that was lead by Andrea Torres and Alden Richards or also known as the Pambansang Bae. Andrea Torres had stated that she and Alden Richards have been together for so long taping and shooting commercials back when they are just starting. She had also added that Coleen Garcia was also one of those young artists before in their commercial that had been a great actors or actressed nowadays. Many people had been curious what was the real score between Alden and Andrea.

Some people would have wished that it could be better if the two ended up to be together as they were a love team on Victor Magtanggol of Kapuso network. But Andrea Torres had already spoke up and said, “Friends kaming talaga e.” Maybe it was still not the call of our handsome pambansang Bae to have the love of her life.

If they are not meant for each other, maybe they are destined for other people. We will very much delighted to see that soon!