An Unsuspected ******** Caused The ***** of A Young Guy

A ******** is an uncomplicated ******* that everyone ignored. However, there are cases that a simple ******** is just a symptom of a deadly *******. Just like a guy who **** after rushing to the hospital due to a ********.

Patrick Mendoza Maniebo is a healthy guy according to his sister’s post. Jovelyn shared their experienced to keep awareness to other people that don’t take for granted simple illnesses they are feeling.

Her brother felt the headaches with a high fever, so his girlfriend took care of him. After a few days, Patrick’s feeling went well. But after a few days, he didn’t feel well and had to rush him to the hospital. The doctor advised the family that Patrick needs to be admitted at the ICU. He had seizures and diagnosed with Encephalitis.

His brain was already damaged, but after a few days, his vitals went okay. But then, three days after, his life was ended. He was revived for 30 minutes, but he doesn’t respond anymore.

According to Medical News Today, encephalitis as “an acute inflammation (swelling) of the brain usually resulting from either a viral infection or due to the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacking brain tissue.” Its symptoms normally can range from a simple ********, fever, drowsiness, and **** of consciousness to extreme seizures or worse, coma.

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Source: TheReaderFile