Ali Padilla nais din sumunod sa yapak ng kanyang ama na si Robin Padilla

Famous celebrities children were also been talked about as much as their parents are talked about on different social media platforms. There are also a lot of celebrity clans that really had the looks and the beauty that many of us really admired.

Some of the adorable clans of show business were the family of Gutierrez, Quizon, Eigenmann, Sotto, and the Padillas. Of course, there are a lot of good looking children in there clans. But one of them is the Unico Hijo of the famous bad boy of Philippine show business, Robin Padilla. Ali Padilla was the youngest child of Robin to his ex-wife Liezl. Queenie, Kylie, and Zhen-zhen were the other children of Robin and Liezl.

Just recently, photos of Ali had been viral to different social media platforms and made way for the social media enthusiasts to notice and admire how good looking the Unico Hijo of Robin was.

The two older sisters of Ali had been known in the industry for quite sometime now and he was also interested in becoming like his dad in the near future even though he was living on Australia with her mom. It was indeed true that Ali really got the looks of his dad. And we will never know when he will actually pursue show business.

He was already 16 years old but the remarkable resemblance of his father can clearly and noticebly seen in him. He also had a very beautiful mother that is why they really had that looks of a future action star.

Robin Padilla also once said in an interview that he had done everything with his son the he never ever could do before when he was young. The father made sure that he would be have unforgettable memories and experiences with his unico hijo that he will definitely cherish in a lifetime.