A Young Girl Haunted A Mall Which Was Witnessed By a Security Guard

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A video of a security guard who is doing surveillance at the mall where he was on duty was circling in social media. The mall was believed to be Partage Shopping Campina Grande in Brazil. In the video, the security guard is watching the escalator closely.

For illustration purpose only

A young girl appeared on the video which seemed to be riding the escalator all the way up. The guard thought it was a culprit since the mall was already closed at that time. He hurriedly goes close to the escalator, and he was surprised that no one was there. But then, there is someone behind him who seems to be running.

The girl was caught in camera once more and then suddenly disappeared. The video leaves netizens puzzled where does the girl come from and why is it haunting the mall. Undoubtedly, the guard left with fear and might not want to go on night duty again.

Source: ArtistaNow