A woman who was abducted got rescued by the patrolling police at QC. Watch this! Anabducted woman waa rescued by the QC Police. Watch this!

It is true that you can never be sure about your safety nowadays. There are terrible ****** that are happening every hours of our daily lives. But on this viral video, a woman was still lucky to have been saved by the patrolling police of Quezon City. It was past midnight when the patrolling police car encountered a shouting and terrified woman in her early 30s, the woman said that she has been ****** and the men tried to **** her.

The voice of the woman was noticebly shaking and full of fear. As the video continues, several *** shots can be heard. And it was also reported that the two suspects got ****** on the operation.

Luckily, the woman was saved and this must be a wake up call for the other people concerned to be more vigilant, more careful, and avoid places that are very prone to those ******. Well done to our policemen! Kudos to the Quezon City Police department! Job well done!