A Woman on Short Skirt Goes on Top of a ***** Man for a CPR: Netizens Find it Indecent

Saving a life is a kind thing to do but not most of the time, you will be thanked for what you have done. Just like this woman who didn’t hesitate to do a CPR to a ***** man on a stretcher. Peeraya Saena, the said woman, received a call and immediately went to the incident. She has been volunteering for Ruam Katanyu foundation, that is why she has knowledge and training on CPR.

She was not properly dressed that time, without thinking how she will be look like when she do a CPR, she do what she could that time. However, her picture on top of the man while doing CPR gained many criticism from netizens.

“I didn’t think for one moment how it looked – I just wanted to get a pulse and save that man’s life”

It happened that she wore a short skirt and no time waste to change her clothes. With her actions, people find it indecent. However, the authority commended her for the job well done, although the man didn’t survived due to seizure and diabetes complications.

Saena received a diploma for volunteering services from the National Legislative Assembly Surachai Liangbunlertchai for the courage of saving a life.