A Woman In Debt of Over 100,000 pesos Due To Gambling Was Found **** Inside an Ice Box

Many said gambling could not give any good to you especially if you have debts due to it. Just like this woman from Cambodia who was ****** brutally due to her gambling debts amounting to over $2,000 equivalent to 100,000 pesos. The woman named Yoeun Theany was ****** because of gambling, a game which is from the beginning, dirty as usual.

Yoeun is young and beautiful, but at the age of 29, she experienced an unexpected and ****** *****. Her body was found in a cooler. Soeu Sopheng, a 31-year-old man, was ******** since he confessed the *******.

The reenactment of the ****** shows the police that Sopheng wired the bathroom to electrocute Theany while showering inside Sopheng’s house. He then ******* Sopheng to ***** and put her body inside the ice cooler and drove to a bridge.

Sopheng’s brother and wife was ******** to but then they were released. Another man was ******** who seemed to be the one who bought Theany’s motorcycle which was sold by Sopheng. Her ***** was devastating.

Source: timeofgist