A Teenager Committed ******* as Her Father ******** Her, OFW Mother Went Home to Seek Justice

A son is a pride to his father, but a daughter is his precious treasure. However, a father in Muntinlupa City in the Philippines sexually ****** his daughter. On the other hand, the mother of the teenager who committed ******* is working abroad.

Camille Joyce, a 14-year-old girl hanged herself in the middle of their house because she cannot carry the burden anymore. She already told her classmate, and then the classmate told the teacher as her father threatened her life. Her teacher told the guardian of Camille which is her aunt, the sister of Bernuard Saure- the father of Camille. But the aunt didn’t do anything about it.

The teenager left letters to her mother and father. Janice Brual, mother of Camille file a complaint to seek justice on what happened to her daughter.

With the help of Raffy Tulfo’s program, Janice and her sister, Maria Ibarra pursue a case against Bernuard and his family who hide the truth.