A Superhuman from Badjao tribe, a must-watch video

A man from the Badjao Tribe, A Superhuman?

Bagjao or Badjau means man of the sea. The Badjao tribe from the Southern part of the Philippines are also known as “Sea Gypsies”. Believed to be the most peace-loving people and non-aggressive tribal community.

Some of the tribes also called them Palau or Lumaan (God Forsaken). The video where a man from the Badjao tribe dives 20 meters to the sea floor without any swimming equipment and to do his 5 minute hunting under pressure just to catch fish! It was indeed a superhuman thing! The ability of catching fish without even breathing and walking under the sea as if your walking on land. Fishing was their main source of food.

The Badjao tribe gets everything from the sea, from their home to their food and their everyday life, they are one with the sea. But as the generations past, due to high-tech and even dynamite mode of fishing they are running out of everything. What could possibly happen in the next years to come?