A Student Graduated In The Expense of His Poor Dad’s Hard-earned Money From Being a Farmer

Education is the key to success, as everyone says.This poor farmer proves that education is what he can leave as an inheritance to his son. He works hard so that his son will graduate from college and have a better future.

Not all parents work as hard as this farmer, sometimes, when life is hard, education is not an option for kids. Sad life it is, but this farmer is very eager to let his son finish his school. His wife **** while giving birth to their son so he raised him alone.

Despite being alone, this father is very persistent in giving his son the best treasure he can give- that is education. His son graduated from Ratchapat University, Thailand. Based on his graduation attire, he graduated from a doctoral degree, more than a college degree.

Salute to this father who gives his life to his son, no matter how hard life can be, he proves that love can conquer all.