OFW sung this song and everyone was touched and almost ***** because of the video.

Filipinos are known to be very good workers and employees abroad. There was also a high demand of Filipino workers internationally.

Maybe that is why many of our hard working employees chose to go there rather than to be contented on the way how it works here in the Philippines.

There was a video on social media that went viral. It was all about the song “Dance with my father again” that was sung by a OFW and beside him was his child.

Many netizens commended the father and the child because many of them can almost relate not just to the OFW parent and the child that was left here in the Philippines but as well as the lyrics of the song that will really hit you very much. As we Filipinos are known to be close with our families. Families will always be a priority and a big deal for every one of us, where ever place we are.