A Kid Caught His Mom Together with Boyfriend Doing A Dirty Deed in The Bathroom

A family is one of the closest things in heaven; they say once you have a family, you have the best feeling ever. However, a kid from the Philippines is not fortunate to have a good family.

His mother and father got separated, and they are with their mother. But the mother has a lover, and one day his kid saw them making love inside the bathroom.

The incident leads the child is telling his dad about it. The child even demonstrates what his mother and her boyfriend doing inside the bathroom. He was only four years old, and he witnessed the dirty deed his mother is doing.

Mr. Restituto Vanezuela complains regarding the incident. He even says that her ex-partner is watching pornographic movies with her lover while his children are in the vicinity. Restituto complained to Mr. Raffy Tulfo in his show Raffy Tulfo in Action regarding what Zara Tagaoc dirty deeds. Tulfo advises Zara to stop for the sake of the kids.

Source: pinascitizen