A Guy Puts His Achievement on A Banner After Passing a Drivers License Examination

Many people are proud of a loved one when something is achieved, whether a board exam passer, an inter-school competition won or something worth. A cool guy on Facebook is very proud of himself.

Francis Brillantes posted his achievement, and he even makes a print of this in a tarpaulin. He is so proud that he passed the LTO exam, a test before getting a driver’s license in the Philippines. Francis even wanted it to **** on the city hall so people can see. As he planned, now not only his municipality can see his achievement but most of the netizens.

The netizens loved his humour and got inspired by his achievement. It also gained more that 11k shares, Francis is not only a licensed driver now, he is also popular as many netizens got the good vibes from his post.

Whether small or great, achievements are stepping stone to success. And just like Francis, admit it or not, you are proud of what you have achieved.

Source: Socialtrendsph