A Girl Posted Her Before and After Photos; From Thin To Chubby

Most girls wanted to have a sexy body, and likewise, boys also like having a macho body with abs. But, this girl wanted to make a change to become a little bit chubby because of her thinness. She shares her experience on Facebook and netizens are curious about her significant transformation.


Nhelle Reyes grew up with a thin body, her friends teased her as a walking bamboo stick, or a shirt on a hanger. She didn’t want to get bullied due to her unusual shape. Some netizens envy her for not becoming fat, but some pitty her situation.

She didn’t get discouraged but tried everything to make her body looks okay as she isn’t satisfied with her thinness. She tried a vitamins supplement to help her gain weight. Her experienced were she will need to sleep more and eat more. In just a matter of one month, she already gained her ideal body.

They say, chubby is the new sexy, and Nhelle proves that being sexy is not having a thin body but having a body that you can confidently flaunt and love.

Source: Facebook