A girl dancing in EDSA faces a traffic obstruction case. Now being hunted by the MMDA. Watch this.

Woman did “In My Feelings” challenge in EDSA now being hunted by MMDA. Watch this.

“In my feelings” was a song by the Canadian musician Drake released this year and had gone viral all over the world. The dance steps was easy and together with the lyrics and a moving car no doubt that in had reach an international popularity. Celebrities, professionals, and even social media enthusiasts get fond easily on the dance video and imitate the steps.

But unfortunately this woman on viral video made her “Kiki Challenge” along EDSA which resulted on traffic obstruction. It was very dangerous doing those in a circumferential highway like EDSA. The MMDA advised the netizens to be more responsible and be mature enough to prioritize their safety and the safety of many rather than wanting to have likes and shares on social media.