A Dog Keeps Jumping on the Pond Seems to be Catching Something on Air

Have you watched this video? It will leave you puzzled, but we will give you the whole picture of this video. A dog seems to be going crazy over catching something invisible on air. The dog keeps on jumping higher every time he leaps but ended up falling into the pond.

The netizens wondered what is the dog doing. Some are laughing, some leaves puzzled. If you will zoom it, there is something moving seems to be a rat hanging on a string connected with a long stick. The dog is chasing after what is hanging. Either the dog is eyeing for the poor thing as prey or be there for the help.

It seems to be a funny video but look closely at how helpless the unfortunate thing that is hanged on the string and how frustrating the dog has become. You’ll never know what the dog is thinking- if the dog will save it or eyeing it as food.

The mystery is solved, as some feel that the dog is being alienated. It seems to be a funny video, but for some, the video is ********** as it plays with how animals behave.

What do you think of this video, does it looks funny or rude to you?