A cute video of a puppy comforting his ****** buddy.

Puppies were probably one of the best gifts a child and even people young at heart could ever wish for. Puppies were too adorable and were too cute to handle.

They are also huggable and very cuddly! A video of two puppies where the other one is comforting the other ****** puppy went viral on social media which had already reached 8 thousand shares, 1,016 comments, 3.2 k reactions, and 300 thousand views as of this writing.

It was a very adorable video that two puppies were eventually in good terms and the other one was comforting the other one. Seems like they look like people that actually run to their friends if they have problems or they just wanted to *** and needs a shoulder to lean and *** on. I wished I also have a friend like these two cute puppies have each other.