A child taking good care of his ***** father, so sweet!

A loving daughter takes care of her ***** father.

A video posted by Ms. April Joy Timbas-Apostol goes viral where a young girl feeds and takes care of her ***** father. The child was very attentive to her father, showing so much love on him. It was indeed a touching video to watch. An inspiring message to every child and to every parents out there. The love of the parents to their child will always be immeasurable, as well as the children’s love to their parents. This also serves as an eye-opener that no matter how ***** your parent is, why shouldn’t we show them love? Respect? The things they truly deserve.

Because they are our parents. They always look after us when we are young, even now that we are grown-ups already they never forget to take care of us. How about a little bit of that we gave to them?