A Boy Urinate on Elevator Button, Leaving Him Trapped Inside as Karma Play Its Role

For Illustration Purpose Only

Getting inside an elevator alone can sometimes be not a fun experience, it can be so annoying or scary. CCTVs catch some occurrences inside an elevator just like this boy from China. The boy, make the boredom a fun and exciting experience inside the elevator.

He plays a trick with the elevator button by urinating on the buttons thinking cleverly without thinking straight. He aimed as high as possible and seemed like he is enjoying this naughty act.

When he was about to leave, the button malfunctioned and left the boy alone in the dark. Undoubtedly, karma plays its role on the boy. He was then rescued, but for sure, he has learned his lessons. Even though karma hits the boy, he is still fortunate as he might get electrified due to the urine that might cause an electric shocked.