American mom decided to settle down with her family here in the Philippines for good

There is no place like our home, the Philippines A typical Filipino dream is to find a good and well-compensated job, live abroad and settle down. Most of us have that dream in our minds, planning for our future.

Maybe because of the colonial mentality some of us have and the fact that it was really different living in other country. But have you ever imagined a foreigner dreaming just the opposite thing we all dreamed of. An American mother named Amber Folkman a Californian native together with his husband and three kids had decided to live and settle down here in the Philippines. She added that she was very amazed by our climate, modes of transportations and our sweetest fruits.

She couldn’t believe that we have a summer-like weather all through out the year. She also fell inlove on our modes of transportation here in our country from pedicabs, tricycles, jeepneys and many more. She was also delighted with our variety of sweet fruits avaliable at different seasons in our country.

Our country was also known to be a hospitable and respectful country. We are used to calling our elders not just by their names but with Auntie, Uncle, Tita, Tito, Kuya, and Ate”. She also felt very welcome by the hospitality and warmth of Filipino in other people.