70-anyos na Lola sinemento ang pintuan kaya’t kinailangan pang umakyat ng bakod araw-araw!

Filipino homes are usually known to have extended families. Extended families together with the grandparents are happily living in one roof. We always had this so much care for our beloved grandparents and elders because they have always been taking good care of us ever since, especially when our parents were not around.

There was a viral video about a 70-year old woman who had been bullied by her neighbor because of what they did to her house. The said neighbor had covered the door of the old woman’s house and because of them the old woman have to climb a wall just to be able to enter her home.

Lola Lourdes Besing, 70 years old sewer from Bagong Silang, Caloocan experienced a very hard situation despite her age and the fact that she has asthma. She asked help from a known and famous television program that helps those people in great need.

With a very generous staff and host, the poor old lady had given a new nebulizer for her asthma and some money to help for her medication. Any form of discrimination will never be allowed in our country, not just because we are a Christian country but due to the reaons that we value much about someone’s welfare especially people that are pregnant, with disabilities or even senior citizen.

The end of the video was all about they had accomplished. She was also given some money and groceries as well as a sack of rice that would definitely be a big help for them.

It was indeed a wonderful days not just to the family of Lola Lourdes but also to everyone who had made it possible.