6 Things OFWs Should Remember When Living In A Shared Room Abroad

Overseas Filipino Workers prefer to rent a room and shared it with someone they trust or know within a short span of time to lessen their dues.

However, there are irrevocable circumstances that you will lose patience and there would be a tendency that you and your roommate might not get along due to some household chores.

In order for you to enjoy sharing a room with someone, we would like to remind you these six things if ever you are planning to do so.

1. Food
Just like living in a house with your spouse’s family in the Philippines, when you cook a meal, bear in mind that you are not alone living in abroad, make it a point that you have an extra meal to share with your roommate.

This is to avoid some troubles with your roommate that may occur in the long run, if you get used in cooking your own food without inviting them to eat along, there would be a tendency that he/she will eat your meal without permission.

2. Hygiene
Sharing a room with someone means that you also have to share the comfort room with him, if you are meticulous you can post simple reminders on the wall, this tip will also help you to refrain from having a confrontation with your roommate.

3. Toilet Problems
Do you always ran out of time when your roommate spend longer at the toilet room? Set a schedule where both of you can enjoy using the toilet room.

4. Missing Belongings
Secure your valuables all the time to avoid any belongings of yours go missing. It’s advisable to have a small box where all your important materials can be stored.

5. Snoring Rooomate
Face the other side of your bed but if you cannot really tolerate the sound of your roommate’s snoring, might as well buy an earpiece. You cannot do anything when it comes to his snoring, it’s health and intangible.

6. Trash
Sharing a room with someone means space is very limited, if your roommates get used of collecting things from other neighbors make it a point that you have talk to them about the matter and discuss which one of you will throw the trash can everyday or every weekends.

Source: Kwentong OFW