You will not believe it but it was indeed her real voice!

An angelic voice of a singing student

Filipinos are naturally music lovers. Adults, children and even people who are young at heart will always be able to appreciate music on their respective genres. A video went viral on social media about a singing student on a school’s comfort room.

ocial media enthusiasts was very amazed on how sweet the voice of the female singing student was. Many commended the student in her singing skill but some also commented negative things about the video. Some netizens stated that she might not be the one singing that song and maybe she was just lip-syncing, but still her friends, classmates, and school mates insist that they are the real true witness on how great singer the girl was. She was Joi Yoro and her video already earned 460,701 views as of this writing. No wonder Filipinos were indeed great and amazing singers, it runs in our blood!