180M Dollars handang ibigay sa magiging asawa ng babaeng anak ng isang Chinese Businessman

Marriage exist when two individuals (Husband and Wife) join together as one then starts a family. Having a family is a blessing that must be treasured.

Almost everyone of us are dreaming of having his/her own family, to have a child, to have a grandchild, to extend the family name, to have a successor.

What if you have a daughter who doesnt want to have a husband? This is a dilemma of a chinese businessman named Cecil Chai on her daughter named Gigi.

The said daughter of the Chinese business man was already married to a lesbian wife named Sean Eav. Mr. Chai was against to the marriage of her daughter, that is why He ended up making this kind of decision.

According to an article Showbiz Insider, “At first offer in 2012 was 60 million dollars and 20 suitors tried to win the heart of Gigi but no one succeeded”

“On 2014, doubled to 120 million dollars but still same result. And ended up to 180 million dollars”. Who woudnt dare to take risk on this kind of amount? But we are talking about relationship, love, and companionship. It can not be sacrifice by any amount of money. Love is not about dollars, it is about what makes you happy everyday without any hesitation.

The catch is the culture. Sometimes parents contradict our ways of thinking because their views are different from ours. Even their words are *******, they chose to express it because they think that is best for us.

But who will write our own story? Will you let other people dictate your own destiny? You own it no matter what. Choose to live with your own free will. Love more than what you can imagine.

Still be mindful on taking all course of actions. Most of the time. Advices from our parents are good for us. It will always be dilemma but it can be handled by a true and solid decision. Your own happiness.