You Would Not Believe What Was His Profession Before He Became A Beggar!

Faye Ares a concerned student and netizen shared her experience while walking around looking for some place to eat either in Chowking or Jollibee when suddenly an old man who speaks English fluently approached her.

This old man asked Faye:
“Miss, I’m sorry, but I have to tell you something. Please don’t get mad and sorry to bother you but I’m gonna ask for money. I’ll be asking for food to eat because I’m hungry.”

Instead of walking away, Faye has decided to eat at Jollibee with this old man; she asked him to stay where he is, and she will just buy meals for them. At first, the old man thought that Faye left him and he has nothing to eat.

When Faye came back with her ordered meals, they had heart breaking conversation whereas she found out that the old man she was talking to was a graduate from Ateneo de Manila.

In fact, the 70-year-old Jansen Locson used to be a professor in U.P. and Ateneo, and he had no business in Cebu, but unfortunately, it didn’t hit the market, and it has led him to **********. Due to this incident, Jansen was forced to live in the streets in Manila since he has no family and there is no other way for him to go home with his siblings in Bacolod.

Before they part ways, Faye insisted to hand him a bottle of water and a hundred peso in case he get hungry again.

Faye as a concerned netizen and she can see her grandfather through him, encourage everyone to keep on sharing the story of Jansen Locson so he could reach his family in Bacolod.

Source: The News Journal PH