You Have No Idea What This Car is Capable Of – Super Cool!


Meanwhile in Ankara, Turkey, twelve engineers and four supporting technicians built a car and it took them eight months to complete it.

You might know the popular Autobots and Deceptions from transformers, well, if you’re an avid fan, you might want to see and take a picture with it!

This car is not just an ordinary sporty red BMW that you can ride because it can actually transform into robot and really it’s crazy!


via Letrons


The name “Letrons” came as an idea when the company was brainstorming for a futuristic project and it was the result of it.

The car functions via remote control and according to their official website, it is not yet drivable in traffic yet but there’s a future possibility and they are looking forward into it.


via Letrons


It can transform but of course, it cannot fly, walk or punch like what autobots or decepticons can do. But it’s a real life-sized badass that you will definitely amaze you.

According to their website, “LETRONS can be for sale if the buyers project and their reason for use, meet the criteria of the LETRONS team.”

There is no price mentioned yet but I bet that this one is definitely won’t be cheap.


Watch the Actual Transformation!


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Source: EliteReaders, Letrons