When Puberty Hits Her So Hard, From Dark to Gorgeousness


It is so sad to think that most of the people judge and bully others according to how they look and men often helps women who looks sexy and gorgeous but tends to ignore those who isn’t.

Nowadays, there are many trending ideas coming out in social media and one of these is hashtag puberty challenge “#PubertyChallenge”.

This is Cai Cortez whose transformation went so viral. As seen in her post, there is a huge difference on how she looks between her puberty and her present life.

It is beyond comparable on how she looks now and how thin and dark she is in her puberty. The pictures she posted was shot from her high school graduation and recent life.

Cai said that she did not undergo any surgery or took medications just to improve her physical appearance.

According to her, she achieved her radiant complexion by using kojic soap, a skin whitening beauty product. She added that she patiently used the soap for a long period of time. Cai used the original orange colored kojic soap.

She is also not a seller of the beauty soap product nor promoting the product. She just posted the picture because it is a trend. She also told what her secret is based on what she had experienced and how the beauty product gave her a huge leap of difference.

Her post is also an encouragement for others not to see yourselves negatively just because you have a dark complexion skin, pimples or wrinkles.

The right time will come for every one of us and when it is not, we should still be thankful for everything we had given. It is not how you look but it is how you are being proud for who you are.

Who knows when puberty will hit you so hard too?


HAHAHAHA Di man ganon kaganda ending atleast improving.  ” wala po akong ininom o ininject na anumang pampaputi. Sabon lang po ginamit ko bsta chaga lang “KOJIC (original yung orange)” lang sapat na”




Source: healthstagram

Photo credit Cai Cortez