[VIDEO] The Reason of Marawi City Attack Was REVEALED by Maute Group Spokesperson


“Ipatupad ang batas ng Diyos, ang Sharia law”.

Based on the spokesperson of Maute Group, Abu Hafs, the frightful reason of Maute group attack this May 23, 2017 at Marawi city is to enforce God’s Law or Sharia Law.

As shown in the video, Maulana Mamutuk, a radio host, interviewed some members of ISIS inspired Maute group.

You can see in the video a two outlaws with their heads covered giving statements in a place where there is an ISIS flag behind them.

According to Abu Hafs, they only wanted to execute God’s law or the Sharia law.

He also added that residents should endure the destruction of their properties because the favor that Allah will provide at the near future is incomparable and the tragic event is just a part of what they are fighting for.

“The attack in Marawi city is not relative to politics” – Abu Hafs.

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte declared the martial law in the whole Mindanao areas after the Maute group attacked the Marawi city.

Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson Restituto Padilla announced that there are 31 suspected ********* **** since this May 23 and six of them were from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Unfortunately, in Philippine troops, 13 have ****, 11 of them were soldiers and 2 were police. There is no exact number of ***** of civilians. The saddest part of this tragic event is Maute group has nine hostages since May 23.



Please PRAY for them, pray for Marawi and pray for the Philippines.



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