Touching Moment: A wife sings christian songs and calmly serving ****** stricken husband.

If you remember, this video was already viral and gain almost a million of views last may 2016 a wife who went singing christian songs while feeding his ******-stricken husband, Junbert. Rochel Robiso touched lot of netizenz proving “in ******** and in health, ‘till ***** do us part”.

Jubert was only 29 years old and diagnosed brain ******. After Jubert was diagnosed his partner grabbed around as the head of family serving husband 24/7 feeding and bathing.

The story behind of this family was become featured in GMA 7 Kapuso mo Jessica Sojo, Praise God truth be told, there are a lot of good samaritan supplied healthcare assitance to Jubert.

A year later there is no impossible with God, Jubert miraculously restored from brain ****** and has now attain his energy.

What you can say about this? Miraculously he restored do you believe that there is no impossible with God? Share your thought below.

Source: TheNewsJournal