These are the Japanese’s Secrets for Their Constant Sexy Figure and Longer Life – You Should Try Doing These!

Japanese women are well known for their average 84 and a half years of lifespan and being fit. I bet you wanted to know their secret for their long life, ideal weight and figure.

“Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat”, a book written by Naomi Moriyama, a book that will lead you to know the secret to a healthy and long life by her Japanese mother.

According to Naomi Moriyama, Japanese diet contributes in helping from staying fit. Japanese diet such as fruits, seaweeds, vegetables, green tea, fish, rice and soy are their secret to maintain the ideal weight and figure.

A traditional Japanese meal consists of a bowl of rice, grilled fish, soup, green tea, cooked veggies, and fruits. Actually, Japanese consumes 10% of fish around the world even they are only 2% of world’s population.

Naomi Moriyama explained the Japanese parent teaches their children to eat slowly and appreciate every bite at early years.

Japanese never fill the bowl or serve in a huge portion because they serve different foods in a small portion separately. You may notice this Japanese tradition if you watched a Japanese movie or Japanese show.

Japanese cuisine is normally grilled, steamed and even raw. Sushi is one among Japanese foods that is popular worldwide.

It is rarely to happen that a Japanese skip breakfast because it is the most important meal for them. They normally eat steamed rice, seaweed, soup, young garlic, green tea, tofu, and fish. As you can see, all of it is nutritious. Eating breakfast will make you feel full throughout the day which will NOT make you crave and eat so much along the day.

Japanese people is also not a fond of eating sweet desserts, if then, they will just eat a small portion of sweets. This includes ice cream, cakes, chocolates, cookies, and more because they are taught since childhood of its adverse effects on their overall health.

Moriyama added in the concluding part of her book that daily lifestyle such as walking, biking, and hiking also maintains a Japanese healthy life.