Study Shows People Who Always Stay Up Late Have Higher Risk of *****

The Journal of the American Heart Association has urged 1,300 adults to undergo to their sleep study to determine that people who always stay up late at night have the higher risk of early *****.

According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, adults should meet the required average hours of sleep which is around seven to eight hours. If not, there’s a higher tendency that you will ****** from any types of strokes and heart *******, and not only that, staying up late at night will cause you to have the following harmful effects to your body:

1. Headaches and back aches
2. **** of concentration
3. Obesity
4. Stress
5. Dark circles under your eyes
6. Unproductive at work

Meanwhile, for employees like call center agents, if your working schedule prevents you from enjoying eight hours of sleep it is advisable to take vitamins for your immune system and prevent ******* that may occur.

Source: DZRH