Store Crews Keep Ignoring Him, What He Did After Shame Them All

An old man wearing a worn out t-shirt and slippers came inside the Maxsingburibike store located in Sing Buri, Thailand and have stayed few minutes staring at the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

It seems that the old man is eyeing to have the Harley Davidson motorcycle that costs to 600,000 baht that has the equivalent to $17,361 while in the Philippine Peso it has the equivalent amount to Php866, 765.29.

Despite the number of minutes that the old man is staring at the motorcycle, no one in the store crew did even manage to assist him. Good thing he saw the store owner and asked for few questions that last around ten minutes about the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Soon enough, everyone was in awe when the old man laid out his 600, 00 baht to buy the motorcycle and started to inspect everything to his new toy.

The Revelation

According to the Sanook’s report the old man’s sister revealed his name as Lung Decha and her brother is not a wealthy man but a hard working person who wishes to have the Harley Davidson motorcycle for the longest year right before he retired from work as a mechanic.

The story of this old man should be a lesson for everybody not to judge a person through the clothes he wear and appearance. There are still people who love to have a low profile whether they are rich or not.

Source: Elite readers