Singaporean lady attacks sales clerks in Tiong Bahru Plaza

A new video circulating in the media about a Singaporean lady who lost her temper and started hitting two of the sales clerks working for an eyewear shop which is Owndays Singapore in Tiong Bahru Plaza has gone viral.

The incident happened last April 5, 2017, it can be seen in the video as the first sales clerk is trying to call the police, the Singaporean keeps on shouting and calling them bloody idiots all the time and said: “Go and call the police, do you think I’m scared?!”

As she keeps on ranting, her bracelet fell from her hand and demand to the sales staffs to fix it immediately where in fact, there’s no one to blame why her bracelet was ********* but her.

One of the store’s visitors try to stop the Singaporean from being reckless, but unluckily he ******. As the security guard and other people tried to stop her from hitting those sales clerks, the Singaporean shouted and said:

Ask this f****** Chinese girl to stop hitting me in the neighbourhood here, you hear me or not?

Meanwhile, according to Stomp, the Singaporean lady is finally ******** and the management of Own Days Singapore released a statement regarding the issue.

Here’s the full video of the incident:
If you were in the position of these sales staffs punched by the Singaporean Lady, what would you do?

Source: Trending News Portal