Is it Normal to Have an Odd, Strange, or Curved Manhood? Maybe NOT! Here’s Why


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Peyronie’s ******* also known as induration ***** plastica or chronic inflammation of the tunica albuginea is the culprit to make one’s manhood to have a bent shape.

It is actually a connective tissue disorder involving the growth of fibrous plaque inside, beneath or under manhood’s skin.

A certain degree of curvature of manhood is considered normal. Commonly, curvature happens due to numerous stroking.

According to Dr. Bles Salvador, those who are actually having peyronie diease have a letter C, letter J, leftward, rightward, upward, downward, or hunchback-shape manhood and it is due to hard fibrous plaque inside.



There’s also a possibility that curvature is cause by trauma, not literally trauma but manhood trauma such as physically ****, punched, or stricken by a hard object resulting to bleed inside.

When one’s manhood had an internal bleeding, it will have scar tissue or fibrous plaque and it’s the culprit to make the manhood bent.

It is also thought that the odd or strange shape of manhood is caused by ****** through physical activity or during ****** intercourse most likely when manhood is used with great force.

Peyronie’s ******* can lead to erectile dysfunctions if left untreated in a prolonged time.

There are medications and supplements that can improve the odd shape of manhood and surgery is considered to be the last resort to treat peyronie’s *******.


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Source: ABS-CBN News

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