Her Bungee Jump-Off in a 50 feet Bridge Goes Horribly Wrong! Shocking!


Bungee jumping is quite trilling an action-packed activity which involves jumping from a tall structure connected to a large elastic cord.

The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound, the cord stretches and the jumper goes upwards again as the cord recoils but this is not what happened to her.

This happened in the province of Florida in Bolivia. A woman decided to jump off in the La Negra Bridge to experience an exciting and thrilling adventure.

Andean Trek is the company who runs the thrilling bungee jumping adventure and they’re organizing bungee jump activities for years.

Right before the woman jumps off the bridge, she seemed very relax, can be seen smiling and happy until the final safety check on equipment and this is what happened.


What the footage of her bungee jumping.


Miraculously, she survived that crash from falling into the shallow riverbed and everyone was horrified to have witnessed her near-***** plunge.

They immediately called ambulance and the woman who was in great **** was taken into the nearest clinic nearby the location.

According to doctors, she only suffered minor injuries and she was discharged after a few days.

Andean Trek paid her medical bills and discovered that the rope brake ****** on her gear. Andean Trek director said:

“It was a human mistake. Somebody did something wrong. We are checking the videos in order to know who or what released the brake of the rope. It is the first time something like this has happened to us. We have a lot of years of experience.”

This horrifying event is now being used as cautionary tale for tour operators in Bolivia.



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