He Made The Decision to Drinks One Gallon of Water Everyday, See What Happens After!

While most of us can’t last a day without drinking a soft drink or any flavored beverages, a journalist decides to have an experiment for one whole month. He drinks a gallon of water for 30 days to see if there would be changes and good effects on both of his health and body.

On the fifth day of his experiment, he noticed that he has to urinate every after 20 minutes to let his body toxin to be flashed by the water. Then on the tenth day of the experiment, the journalist shares that he started to feel rejuvenated and energized even without drinking just a single cup of coffee at all, unlike before where he cannot start his day without drinking coffee in the morning. Right on this day, his skin and hair become shinier.
It has been 20 days since he started drinking a gallon of water when his girlfriend told him that his skin looked fairer and clearer compared to the previous months.
On the last day of his experiment, the journalist decided to continue drinking gallon of water everyday since it has brought him too many good effects especially on his health despite the amount of water he intakes too much.

Source: thenewsjournalph